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Chart Of All Sonic Devices Used In Doctor Who

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Check out this chart featuring all of the sonic devices used in the Doctor Who series from the various sonic screwdrivers to Sarah Jane’s sonic lipstick.

The only sonic device not included is Toshiko Sato’s Sonic Modulator as the charts creator couldn’t find a  decent reference image.

Sonic Screwdrivers

Click for a larger version.

Magikarp Is The Mightiest Pokemon Of All Time

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If you don’t believe me that Magikarp is the mightiest Pokemon of all that’s fine. I’m not asking you to take my word for it, I’m asking you to look at this insane chart that was obviously created by one very lonely and obsessed (possibly for Magikarp) Magikarp fan. (NSFW language).



Video Game Hype Chart

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Building hype for a game release may well be the marketing equivalent of an art-from, but which publishers do it best?

Video Game Hype Chart

How Tall Is Your Favorite Movie Monster (Chart)

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How does your favorite movie monster stack up against other massive movie terrors?

Move Monster Size

The Video Game Entertainment Curve

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The next time you consider purchasing a game use this handy chart to evaluate how it will effect your potential time for a social life.


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