When You Send Me A Text

Paul O'Flaherty

What I see when you send me a text message is not always what you intended for me to see.


  • Corey


  • Corey

    Fucking fat fingers, *lmfao. Fuck touchscreens…

  • Taylorsqnze

    Haha :) and I have a touch screen 2 and there annoying!!!

  • Taylor

    My name is taylor srry bout tht!

  • 42

    XD… get it? My face is cracked

  • Liz

    Very funny

  • Mike

    Hahahjahja hiarious

  • saeah

    that’s mildly disturbing….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Lafer/100001606583078 Chris Lafer

    The cat thing is easily cleared up if one watches the right anime.


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