Pie Tip

Paul O'Flaherty

I’m going to assume they rounded down and take this as a win!

Pi tip

  • Joe

    They better have left cash on the side cause that’s a shitty tip…

  • Bob

    12% is not bad considering 15% is appropriate for normal service, and shitty service is lucky to get 10%

  • Racheal

    That is a horrible tip, but clever!

  • Kaitlind

    Actually, 20% is appropriate.. Servers and bartenders will judge you and give you shittier service with a 15% tip. It’s a well known restaurant fact. If you hook us up we hook you up. Never fuck with someone who deals with your food. NEVER!!!

  • Waiter

    Get with the times Bob. 15% is now considered a shitty tip. Tips should start at 20% and go up from there based on quality of service. Not to mention that the majority of restaurants now incorporate at least a 3% tip share to boost the pay of hostesses, bus boys and bartenders. So now we are back down to an 18% tip. Waiters in Texas make a base pay of $2.13/hr which is completely spoken for after taxes making our paychecks normally less than $5. You’re the type of people who get they’re food spit in because your a dick and short change people for quality service. I pay my way through school based on the sheer kindness of others. You’re 15% (minus tip share, bringing that down to 12%) doesn’t help much.

    Have a nice day, come back and see us,
    “Hey you”

    • http://saraoflaherty.com Sara

      Wow, entitled attitude much? It’s no one’s fault but your own you took a job making $2.13 an hour. You want to make more money, go work a better job. While I do recognize there are demanding customers out there who occasionally make the job harder than writing down an order, filling drinks, and carrying food to the table, you have to realize this is called an ‘unskilled job’ for a reason- it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do it. You are paid based on what the work is worth, and if you want better tips, the answer isn’t threatening people on a website, it’s giving better service and using the money you make to work yourself up to a job that pays a living wage. Stop acting like waiting tables is something that takes some special skill and therefor you are somehow getting the short end of the stick. Carrying food to the table and keeping a glass filled isn’t special enough to jack up a customer’s meal 20-25%.

      And yes, before you complain, I have been a waitress in both bars and restaurants.

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  • Tua

    Actually 20% is what you’re supposed to tip. Not 15% you cheap ass!

  • andrew

    20% tip, 15% tip, no tip its my choice. Don’t blame me for not fighting for better pay when the owners of the establishment are living well off of your hard work.

    Asides from that I’m not leaving a 20% tip, for a $70+ meal with crappy servace.

  • Nicole

    Well, Sara, I must say I agree with you. I see both sides of it for sure but your hourly wage is based on the work your doing. I bet 100% that it can get crazy and customers get cranky but anyone can qualify to work as a server.

  • James

    I normally tip 18%(3x the tax here), if I thought the service was great ill tip more. I totally agree with sarah, ive heard tons of friends try to convince me 20% tips should be the minimum. I havent worked in food service but ive worked tons of shitty service jobs and you dont get tips AT ALL, and I know for a fact that ive put a lot more work into my jobs then most of the people complaining about small tips.

  • Restaurant Server

    I’m sorry, i have no idea where you all work, but you’re all ridiculous. If you really think a 20% tip is normal and expected, you’re delusional and as said be for, inappropriately self entitled. Keep in mind that tips are based on food prices, NOT overly priced alcohol. Anyways, 20% is for good service, not just basic service and increased or decreased based on satisfaction. I agree with earlier posts, get a better job if you’re trying to make a living OR, imagine this, give good service, anticipate guest needs, exceed expectations and get great tips for your great service…..

    AND, just to point out, this photo post is about a clever, funny joke on a peice of paper. You have no way of knowing whether or not it’s real, or at a place like a subway, which by NO means deserves a 20% tip.

    Get over yourselves.

  • Stick up your asses?

    Sara, Restaurant Server, well said.

  • Server

    Honestly, in these times if you can’t afford a good tip, don’t go out to eat. I go out of my way for every table I wait on and expect to get decent tips for that. The other day I got tipped $5 on a $52 bill, that crap ruins my day. My rule as a tipper is minimum $5 to pay for the service and the post-meal clean up (even if it’s just me), but 20-30% or sometimes higher for excellent service. it’s a rough job but nice people make it worth my time. Don’t be assholes freaking out over one late drink refill when your poor server is obviously busy as hell and having a rough night. My $2.15/hr doesn’t cover my bills, but the few amazing people who come in and make my night do.

  • The Budakang

    It would have been better if he put the infinity symbol in the total.

  • Storm

    Haha! Sara you think everyone out there getting paid big bucks all skilled or just happen to know the right route of action to get a good or possibly have their educations paid for, better yet they live in a different country where it’s much easier to get a good job? Higher base pay? Or even have the upper hand because of good genes, lack of learning infringements? I can write poetry and handle a group of kids better than I can serve any day of the week… Does that make me unskilled? We all must start somewhere! Don’t put people down. Everyone works for what they have and those that don’t well lucky you. Keep on trollin in the blogosphere.

  • Storm

    Keep the self entitlement to a minimum we all have a job to do, you can’t expect anything to just be handed to you.

  • Kyle

    20% is steep for me, but just to echo previous opinion and not to diminish the work you do, if what people can afford to tip isn’t good enough get a better job. Going out to eat for a lot of people is to do something nice for someone in their lives. Your job is to keep the customer happy not vice versa and if what the offer you as a generosity from themselves isn’t enough…you already know the rest.

  • Clever!

    I thought this was a very clever joke. I don’t think that I can say that I would have spotted that myself!
    I think everyone just needs to take a deep breath and smile :)
    Nothing that anyone says on here is going to change a thing, so why even worry about it?

  • Angie

    Who’s to say they didn’t leave more? Maybe they wanted an even $30 deducted from their card and then chose to leave some cash too? By the way when you leave cash it’s better for the server, if it’s off your card, it’s taxed on them.

  • Jacob

    15% is what everyone deserves an if you want more your a greedy sob. Most jobs dont get tips. Get a real job

  • Suck it

    Im a bartender and I get paid 2.65 an hour. While I don’t expect people to leave a 20% tip because everyone doesn’t have the luxury of leaving the extra 2 dollars after they have made me run there credit card 47 time( sarcasm), I work a 40 hr work week I have 3 days off and I make 3200 dollars a week. You take the good with the bad. If your a cheap dick your service will suck, known fact but don’t tell me to get a better job I have 12 days off a month and make close to 90k a year. Get a better job, no thanks I’m good. Enjoy your cubical.

    • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul O’Flaherty

      The odd thing here is you getting bent out of shape with people. Nobody is telling you to get a better job. The only people being “told” to get better jobs by folks are those complaining that they don’t make enough and threatening people who don’t agree that they deserve 20% right off the bat.

      If you’re making that much, fair deuce to you. You deserve it, but I honestly think you’re getting mad at the wrong people. You should be getting mad at the others in your profession who are making you look bad.

  • Lemur

    If you suck at your job there is no point in being rewarded.

  • Sarah

    One.. You know the minimum wage before you take the job so if you dont like it dont take the job.. Two.. Do your job properly thats what youre paid to do why should we have to pay you extra for doing what youre meant to be doing? Granted if i get a good service i would leave a tip why i should i dont know but i still do.. If i get a crap service i would leave zero tip.. There is no way i would give more money to say thank you for doing a crap job its nonsensical complain all you want but if you do a crap job you get a crap pay.. Ive worked as a server before and if im left a tip thats great it makes my day, i know ive done a good job, if i dont get left a tip they clearly felt i didnt do a good job its not the end of the world and i try better the next time.. I dont expext or demand the right to a tip i just got on with my job and was thankful that i actually had one at all theres plenty that dont

  • Jack

    In europe we usually don’t give tips because well its retarded. Just look at this discusion. It’s so stupid, trololol

  • http://www.ngalaevents.blogspot.com Tyiece

    This is too funny! Love it :)

  • Mitchell

    Who gives a shit about how much you leave for a tip/ make. The photo is funny

  • university student

    Honestly if you are working for 2.50 an hour and bitching because you want higher tips grow up and get yourself a real job like if you want to make a good salary and have benefits and a pension and something you can live off of get off your lazy ass and further your education.

  • rachel

    I always tip somewhere between 10% and 20%. I give 20% if they made me laugh tried to take exceptional care of me, my guest and our meal. I personally cant afford to tip 20% for everyone. So yes my tip scale is completely based on the quality of service I received, and if I have the money to tip the best I can.
    Note 10% is if I wanted to smack the crap out of the server.

  • Bill Green

    Ok, first things first. A tip is NOT a mandatory entitlement. If I am being waited on, that person is already being paid to do that. Depending on attitude and quality of service, and response times determine if you get ANY tip. I have walked away from $250-$300 bills with a nice big $0 on the tip section of the reciept due to the fact of a waitress with a bad attitude. I don’t owe you ANYTHING. I make over 200k a year, I have worked hard to get where I’m at and I work even harder to maintain my work. No one gives me a tip when I do my job even above standards, my tip is I get to keep my job. If you want me to give you MY hard earned money, work for it. The only one entitled to it for no reason whatsoever is ME. And I shall distribute as I see fit, not YOU.

  • B.A. in food service

    As both a server and a college grad, I just want to say that anyone making a living serving is not lazy. Usually it’s the college students who only work a day or two a week that are lazy and have bad attitudes. The 2.15 an hour servers make is only given to us to cover the taxes on our tips, we don’t work for the restaurant, we work for ourselves. Beyond that, when we’re at work we are expected to contribute to the general cleanliness of the restaurant by dusting, cleaning windows, scrubing grime off aything in the server part of the kitchen, scraping gum off tables… we do that work to have the opportunity to make tips, our only salary. Many times, the kids that come through have the attitude that they aren’t being paid enough to clean, this means only the people actually making a living are doing these jobs, but that’s just the way things are. I sure don’t expect amazing tips every time, but generally good service does get a 20% tip (not what I want, what people tend to give). 15% tells me something I did was wrong (note: if your food wasn’t good, that’s not your server, if you say something about it they can fix it or have a manager take the item off your tab, but leaving a low tip for that doesn’t tell the restaurant aything about your experience, they don’t even look at them, it’s just taking money out of your server’s pocket). Also, you should tip on the whole tab, the restaurant assumes we make on average 18% and taxes us as if we are. Yes, there are people that tip less… and yes we remember you because of it and probably argue about who has to take your table and write you off as a table we aren’t making money on an take care of our other 1-10 tables we may have at the same time instead that ARE going to take care of us. If you can’t afford the tip at a restaurant, go to a cheaper one… I’ll never be impressed or happy with someone taking advantage of a hard worker by taking up real estate in their section and not paying rent (as long as the server deserves it). And don’t call us lazy for our profession, if you’re a good server, you’re working harder than most other people with full time jobs. This is not about entilement, just an inside view.

  • amanda

    T.I.P.S. To Insure Promt Service.
    Your call.

    • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul O’Flaherty

      As someone who eats out quite regularly I can say with confidence that I have never tipped prior to being served.

  • kick u

    Well said B.A. I am not a server and i leave 20% if the server was just ok. I go up from there! I eat out a lot and understand that as Sarah, so inappropriately stated, being a server can be a crappy job. When i was a server going through school. I made 1k a week off of tips. I also busted my butt though. If you can’t afford to tip, stay at home. Don’t disrespect YOURSELF with your cheap trashy tip. People remember you whether you believe it or not. I have tipped 50% on meals for my whole family and 100%+ on VIP parties that i have thrown. Not everybody can tip like that but because of people who do go over and beyond anybody who is a decent server needs to understand that it will balance itself out…just remember for every cheap-ass Sara who sits at your table there is a guy/girl who knows how to take care of you service industry folks. If It’s not balancing out for you and your not making money I encourage you to find another job instead of complain. Maybe serving others is not for you…

    • http://saraoflaherty.com Sara

      I love being called ‘trashy’ and ‘cheap-ass’ by some random nobody too afraid to defend their beliefs under their own name. Whatever you think of me, at least I don’t try to hide who I am. My job doesn’t depend on handouts from others, and my personal opinions is that waitstaff’s shouldn’t either. They should be paid a working wage like anyone else. Like it or lump it, but don’t be a sad little coward about it.

      • Jaciface

         She actually did not directly call you trashy OR a cheap-ass, she said that your behavior makes people see you as one; she’s right. The service industry in the US is based on SERVING others, and the rate of pay is dependent on the job you do. If you don’t want to pay some one else to do it better than you could do or more conveniently, do it yourself. Trust me, those who are working will appreciate your fucking off.

  • kick u

    I think you don’t tip because you don’t like yourself :)

    • http://saraoflaherty.com Sara

      Not once have I ever said I don’t tip, I said I don’t care for the practice, and in most cases it doesn’t deserve 20%. I wouldn’t expect reading comprehension from an anonymous troll though.

  • Ugh

    To all those telling waiters to get a better job - fuck off. I’m not a waiter, but I would like there to still be some next time I go out to eat.

    I hope you’re ready to go get that meal (and drinks and bread) yourself.

    • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul O’Flaherty

      Honestly, there are times when I’d rather do that. I do it every day at home and the reason I go out to eat is not to be waited on, but so that I don’t have to cook.

      • Jaciface

         Then order take out.

  • Jamie

    Sara, I understand that you may not believe that waiting tables is a real job, but the restaurant business is a billion dollar industry in the US. It is a necessary job, and it’s very real to many people. My general rule is: tipping is part of the cost of eating out. If you leave a shitty tip, the server could end up paying for your experience out of his/her pocket. Sometimes, after tipping out bussers, bartenders, dishwashers, etc the server could be left with nothing or in the hole from a less than grateful tip.
    Some of you may think that servers are ungrateful or just being snotty about their jobs. Who doesn’t have a gripe about their job? It is disheartening to give great service and bust your ass and receive a crappy tip. I have worked in the restaurant industry for about 12 years, and I have seen the good and the bad. I am a general manger now, but I did my stint as a server. It’s a hard, usually fast-paced job. Respect your servers people.

  • http://www.eloquent-marketing.com/ Amber

    Fact: I made more money bartending and serving than I do now.
    Fact: tip whatever you want, your server will just give you even crappier service next time- then you’ll never come back and the restaurant can fill tables with good tippers, stimulating the economy, because those that tip well spend more and servers tend to blow all their money.

  • Channy


  • Ant

    The photo was funny. Any negative comments not related to the humor of this photo is bitter. End of discussion.

  • Oz

    Justify it however you want, you people that think it’s OK not to tip or tip a small amount cause you think people in the service industry need to get better jobs, cause we all know high paying jobs are just waiting to be handed out like welfare (college graduate still searching after 3 months), are cheap assess!

    And the picture was hilarious

    • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul O’Flaherty

      I wouldn’t boast about being a college graduate when your level of comprehension is still so low. Go back and read all of *my* comments, then come back and defend that statement..

  • anon

    When in the US I tip well over the recommended 20% as the way I see it, food and drink is extremely cheap compared to the UK and the service you get is in another league. You should think yourself lucky that you get good food and service for a good price

  • luis

    I think people have forgotten the whole idea of tipping. It’s not “pay me or I’ll give you crap service ” it’s “thank you for the excellent service, here’s a little something for you.” On that note, the joke in this picture is quite funny, I’ll try it next time I go out to eat.

  • Matt

    I have read every single comment here. It is very interesting to hear that some individuals have the notion that tipping a server or bartender for service is some what of a “present” to him or her. As mentioned earlier, the actual wages for tipped service industry workers is just barely enough to cover taxes. Tips from guests are literally the income in which a server or bartender has to live on. Some restaurants include a fixed gratuity onto a check because of the disregard and ignorance that several guests bring into a restaurant when having dinner, or drinks. Neither the server (or bartender) nor the restaurant distinguishes the $2.30/hr pay, instead it is the state that publishes that rate of pay. It is unfair to hold the service industry worker accountable for the low wage. Unfortunately, the customers hold all of the cards. Tipping is extremely subjective, which allows the customer to leave gratuity according to his or her feeling of the service provided. Again, as mentioned above, if you only have $30 to spend on dinner, and your food and tax is $29.50, you do not have enough to dine out. That subjectivity does have it’s guidelines (e.g. 20% tip for a well-serviced meal, ranging higher or lower depending on the value of the server/bartender), and it is unfortunate that some people do not understand that a tip is not just a “privileged” token of appreciation, it is a staple underneath the umbrella of going out to eat. Servers and bartenders do not get enough credit; it actually takes a very skilled individual to be an exceptional server. I didn’t realize what a fair tip was until I literally walked in the shoes of a server and bartender. Those of you who have never been a tipped employee in the service industry should note the information provided in these comments, with regards to the tipping scale.

  • mike

    Nope, sorry but I am going to have to disagree with the majority of comments here, and feel free to troll me after because I’m still entitled to give my opinion. Tips are not something you should expect, they are something you should earn. It’s attitudes like that which is why America is going down the shitter and the rest of the world hates you. I work as a server and bartender in the UK and from what it seems things are very different. We are given our base pay of just under £6/hour. Any tip we receive is considered a privilege and a thank you for our hard work. Last week I worked 40 hours and made less than £5 in tips. Not because my service was poor, but because here its not customary. So personally I think all of you complaining about getting less than 20% need to buck up. If I made even 5% off what I sold I’d be loaded. Get a grip

    • Josie1981

      Stopped reading after “attitudes (plural) like that which is (singular)”. Tard

  • gg

    That’s rounded up

  • kyle

    Mike your point is a little unfounded as to thinking we “deserve” tips. In the US tips are how a server is paid, 2.13/hour is a full 5 dollars below the minimum wage in the US. So yes tipping is expected here, not saying you can give whit service and deserve a tip. But if you performed well and the service was good then yes a tip is expected. It is how dining in the US has always been. If they change it to me making minimum hourly wage then no I wouldn’t expect a tip.

  • Brian

    All of these comments, and no one noticed “pi” is spelled wrong?

    • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul O’Flaherty

      Nope, it’s not spelled wrong, it’s a word play on the tip being on a restaurant receipt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Glenn-Stanton/100003625918215 Glenn Stanton

    I don’t tip.
    I don’t feel bad about it.
    Not my fault they do not have a skill.

    My niece is a servant.
    She thinks her job is hard
    because she is stupid and lazy.

    Servants can be replaced by a conveyor belt.


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