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Skyrim: The Real Dragonborn - Skyrim IRL

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The “Skyrim in real life” skits have been done before but never as thoroughly, hilariously or as cabbage laden as this.

Facebook Stalker

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Ladies (and gents) do you know who’s been looking at your Facebook profile and what they’ve been doing?

Chris “Crabstickz” Kendall on the perils of Facebook stalking: “Damn girl this is really upsetting. You’ve been tickin’ all the boxes on your privacy settings. And your profile picture just ain’t doing the job. Cos your profile picture is a picture of your dog.”

If Your Router Could Talk, What Tales Would It Tell?

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“Words of a middle man” is an art project by three German design students  from the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, looking at the “middle man” in your networking life and what it might say if it could.

Poignant stuff given Cisco’s recent idiocy.

Spider-Man: Eclipse (Fan Film)

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Check out this awesome Spider-Man fan film by Al White, which is  full of cool little easter eggs to have fun scouring out.

Spider-Man has been captured and the road out won’t be easy in this fan film!

Thanks Tim!


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