Paying For Digital Downloads

Paul O'Flaherty

What do you think of this email sent to the MPAA by a cheeky Finn? Does his logic stand up to scrutiny and is his argument valid?

Digital Downloads Win

  • Pal

    Ah hahahaha… Thanks for the lols…
    You know I was going to do the same thing but I spent my money on many hard copies years ago. So I had nothing to copy…. :)

    I do have a bunch of LPs, CDs and Tapes all made redundant to keep me spending…grrr Took me years, but I finally stopped pulling that cart…..hehe

  • Commonlyknownas Rob

    i’m sure office workers all over the world will be thrilled when banks and corporations adopt the same logic, ‘we don’t need to pay you because we haven’t used YOUR work, YOUR work is on YOUR computer, we are using the copies on the server thanks’

    • Paul O’Flaherty

      Red herring - doesn’t work like that, but nice try.

  • TOP 10 Pagerank

    hahahaha… Thanks for the lol

  • Adam Twomey

    That’s really stupid.


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