Playing With The Doctor - A Doctor Who Sex Toy

Paul O'Flaherty

For all you gals and guys (we’re not judgmental around here) who’ve dreamed of having a romp with the Doctor inside the TARDIS, we bring you the next best thing. A romp where the Doctor is inside the TARDIS which is inside of you.

Officially called “The TARDIS Ticker”, this silicone willy looks like a alien wiener shaped snow globe with a TARDIS suspended in the vortex of sparkly bits, ready to go where no-one has gone before but many kitchen implements have been. Sorry about the Star Trek reference there, couldn’t resist.

Created by the folks over at The Toymaker Project, it’s not for sale, yet, but is sure to have you yelling Allons-y!

Doctor Who TARDIS Toy 2Doctor Who TARDIS Toy


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