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What’s Under Your Mask?

Paul O'Flaherty March 14, 2012 0

Can you name all the masks without looking at the list beneath? BTW, I came across this on an image aggregation site with no attribution so if you know the link to the source,

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We Are The Gods Now - A TED Talk From The Future (2023)

Paul O'Flaherty February 29, 2012 0

The viral campaign for Prometheus has begun with the first clip from the Ridley Scott being released as a TED talk where Guy Pearce plays Peter Wayland, the billionaire business man who intends on

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How Tall Is Your Favorite Movie Monster (Chart)

Paul O'Flaherty February 10, 2012 0

How does your favorite movie monster stack up against other massive movie terrors

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Osombie - The Axis of Evil Dead

Paul O'Flaherty February 7, 2012 0

Osama Bin Laden in this independently-produced, feature-length zombie film, packed with violence, mayhem, guns, blood and discussions about Pokemon. Oh, and zombies. Lots of zombies. The story follows Dusty, a yoga instructor from Colorado, who is

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The Lion King Rises

Paul O'Flaherty January 4, 2012 0

The Dark Knight Rises meets the Lion King in this awesome trailer mashup

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Doctor Who Goes Back To The Future

Doctor Who Goes Back To The Future

Paul O'Flaherty January 1, 2012 0

2 Doctors go Back To The Future and meet Doc Emmett Drown in this cool mashup

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“Shaun Of The Dead” LEGO Playset Is Epic

Paul O'Flaherty December 31, 2011 0

Spend a few nights down the Winchester with this epic Shaun of the Dead Lego playset

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1980′s Film Alphabet

Paul O'Flaherty December 26, 2011 0

Can you name all of the movies from the 80′s

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BioShock Movie (2013) - Trailer

Paul O'Flaherty December 1, 2011 0

This may be the first actual trailer for “Bioshock” which according to IMDB is in production and slated for a 2013 release. We can’t rule out that it may also be a fan-flick but it

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Visual Effects In Movies And TV

Paul O'Flaherty November 20, 2011 0

After watching this demonstration of what green screens can do in movies and television you’ll never trust your eyes again

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Humans Are Among Us

Paul O'Flaherty November 16, 2011 0

This is one bad sci-fi movie I’d get my butt to the cinema to see

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Star Wars: The Force Supercut

Paul O'Flaherty November 14, 2011 0

Every utterance of “the Force” from the six Star Wars movies in chronological order of release

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Lucas Messes With Star Wars Again – Turns Obi-Wan Into Screaming Lunatic

Lucas Messes With Star Wars Again - Turns Obi-Wan Into Screaming Lunatic

Paul O'Flaherty September 1, 2011 1

Looks like Lucas has been dicking with the Blu-ray release of Star Wars and unhappy Fans have gotten hold of the Blu-ray footage (leaked out of China), and they’re dissecting it at, the forums and

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