Lucas Messes With Star Wars Again - Turns Obi-Wan Into Screaming Lunatic

Paul O'Flaherty

Looks like Lucas has been dicking with the Blu-ray release of Star Wars and unhappy Fans have gotten hold of the Blu-ray footage (leaked out of China), and they’re dissecting it at, the forums and the DVDTalk forums.

And yes, Greedo still shoots first in the new release!

Some examples of Lucas’s meddling:

Obi-Wan’s “Krayt Dragon” call in “A New Hope” gets replaced and it ends up sounding like the old fart is having his nuts squeezed way too hard. (BTW, this is just the synced up audio with the original footage).

Vader screams “Noooooooo!” when he kills the Emperor in “Return of the Jedi”. This just sounds stupid to me and there was much more emotion in the scene with just Vaders lifeless silent mask. (This is from the actual Blu-ray).

Blinking Ewoks. This one I may be able to live with as the eyes of the Ewoks are made just a little more lifelike.

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