Giveaway - 10 Copies Of The Walking Dead Game For Mac And PC - Share This Post To Enter

Paul O'Flaherty
Giveaway – 10 Copies Of The Walking Dead Game For Mac And PC – Share This Post To Enter

Fans of comic book series The Walking Dead have been eagerly awaiting the release of The Walking Dead game series, which is set in the same timeline as the comic books but featuring different survivors.

We’re all fans of, and rightfully afraid of zombies around here, but did you know that there’s one thing that the zombies are afraid of?

That’s the 2012 Chevy Cruze which, not only handles beautifully so you can dodge in and out of all those marauding zombie hordes, but also gets a whopping 42 MPG,  which means that you can go up to 600 miles without having to worry about stopping at a walker infested gas station to fuel up. That means no food for the zombies and what self respecting zombie wouldn’t be afraid of dying from starvation? Right?

To celebrate the 2012 Cruze’s ranking as the  most feared car by zombies, we have 10 copies of The Walking Dead game to give away for PC and Mac, which are good for all 5 episodes of the game,  and all you have to do to get your petrified flesh on a copy is to like Geek Is Awesome on Facebook and share this post with your Facebook friends. Simple right?

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All done? Good?

We’ll pick 10 winners over the age of 17 (the game is rated “Mature”) from the Facebook page at random and contact you by Facebook message to let you know that you’ve won and give you instructions on how to activate the game within your Steam account.

The competition closes at 6pm CST tomorrow (26th of April 2012).

Good luck!

  • John C

    *hops up and down* I gotta PEEEEEEE!


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