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BOOM HEADSHOT (Your Favorite Marsian Mashup)

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Normally I post music videos like this over on Is Viral, but this YFM track has a lot of Wolfenstein 3D and 8-Bit love, so it belongs here.

COD Black Ops Zombie Theme Heavy Metal Remix #MustWatch

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Black Ops Zombies fans are going to love this amazing heavy metal remix of the Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies theme by Charlie Parra del Riego.


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Scooby-Doo gets the wub wub treatment. There goes another childhood memory.

Ghostbusters Theme Tune - 8 Floppy Disk Version

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There‚Äôs plenty of disk drive renditions of theme tunes out there, but few of them are as as good and post worthy as this version of Ray Parker Jr.‚Äôs “Ghostbusters Theme” as played by eight floppy drives.


“Getting Fragged!” - Katy Perry “Wide Awake” Music Video Parody

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It’s not easy being a girl gamer on Xbox live, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prevent it from making you an awesome Battlefield player.



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