Can We Have Brain-to-Brain Communication And Will The Internet Become Sentient?

Paul O'Flaherty

Dr. Michio Kaku talks about brain-to-brain communication, recording videos of your thoughts and the fears of science fiction.

There’s no doubt that the internet is creating what is called an intelligent planet, that is, the skin of the planet earth is becoming a network by which intelligent creatures communicate with each other. But that’s just the first step. Some people think that the next step in the coming decades is not going to be the internet. It’s going to be Brain Net because we’re at the point now where we can actually connect computers to the living mind. In fact, I was just at Berkeley a few weeks ago where I had a demonstration of this: we can actually create videos of your thoughts. These videos are not perfectly accurate, but I saw a demonstration in a laboratory at Berkeley where you can actually see in a video screen what people are thinking.


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