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What Kind Of A Geeks Are You? - The Sacred Order Of Geeks (Infographic)

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Geeks aren’t always easy to categorize but this infographic takes a humorous look at classifying us under 16 different categories. Which of these 16 categories of geek do you fit closest?

Geek Girlfriends Are The Best

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It really does take a geek to understand a geek and talk the universal language of geek love.

Look At Your Girlfriend

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This geek girl really wants a date. While the idea of a girl who will play Gears and Left 4 Dead with you may well be awesome, is re-purposing an Old Spice commercial the right way to get someone to dump their girl for you?

Look At Your Girlfriend


Geek Rule #27

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It’s funny because it’s true, and if as a geek you’re not looking at, at least two screens, you’re simply not doing it right.

Geek Rule Number 27


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