What Kind Of A Geeks Are You? - The Sacred Order Of Geeks (Infographic)

Paul O'Flaherty

Geeks aren’t always easy to categorize but this infographic takes a humorous look at classifying us under 16 different categories. Which of these 16 categories of geek do you fit closest?

  • Ryan

    Hi, I’m the owner of this infographic.  Please either provide a link to the source or take it down.

    • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul O’Flaherty

      Hi Ryan, as you can see if you look at the info section of the post there is both a link to the original source site (Best Colleges Online) and the site where we found the graphic.

      If this is not sufficient, or you are claiming that Best Colleges Online is improperly distributing your graphic as theirs, then you’ll need to contact me via the contact form ( http://geekisawesome.com/contact/ ) providing a link to a verifiable original source, and a statement that you are the original owner etc… it’s a simple email so shouldn’t take you long.

      I’m sorry but as I’m sure you understand, for obvious reasons I cannot act upon claims made by people (who don’t provide any information) in the comments.

      As you can see the image is clearly branded (and it doesn’t appear to have been added after the fact), so.. if you can provide me the information and verify that you are the author, I’ll be more than happy to update the attribution straight away.

      • SturJen

        Not to mention this is like the 15th site I’ve seen with the same infographic. Ryan best be getting his butt on those other sites to tell THEM they are ganking his stuff as well!


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