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Lenovo - The Power To Make Your Dream A Reality

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As geeks we all know the value of having the right tools at our command when taking on a new project. Under powered computers, laptops and servers aren’t going to get you very far and can be the Achilles heel to getting your project or idea off the drawing board and into manufacturing or shipped to clients.

Lenovo, makers of the near legendary and IT department favorite, ThinkPad, understand this and want to make sure that the last thing you need to worry about when building your next doomsday machine is your computing hardware. Whether it’s Honeycomb Android tablets designed for productivity as well as entertainment such as the IdeaPad Tablet K1, desktop PC’s, office PCs or powerful workstations and servers, Lenovo has the computing muscle you need to get the job done and not have to worry about build quality or poor performance and at prices that will fit  you budget.

They even have big sales on right now with up to $600 off of ThinkPads and up to 45% off of home and office PC’s and you’re bound to find a Lenovo product that will suit both your budget, lifestyle and satisfy that upgrade you’re looking for.

No matter what project your thinking of developing or building next, why not build it with Lenovo?

Computer Maintenance - The Everyman’s Guide

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Maintaining your computer can appear to be a relatively complex task that actually takes a time commitment that most people aren’t will to engage in. Well fear no more as thing simple guide to computer maintenance will solved all your problems without you having to lift a finger.

Tired Of Sitting At Your Computer All Day Long?

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Are you tired of sitting at your desk, staring at your computer screen all day long? Surely there must be something better for us to do than this, right? Right?

Task Killer

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What if “task killer” worked in real life?

Survival Of The Fittest

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Hunting is no longer done for food, it’s grinding for resources and unleashing hordes of cannon fodder to distract your opponent.

Sometimes I long for the day when my body mattered…