Hold the Line - Fans Wish To Retake and Remake Mass Effect 3 Ending

Paul O'Flaherty

Some fans feel more than a little butt hurt by the ending of Mass Effect 3 and have started a campaign to “force” Bioware to remake the ending.

What do you guys think? Was the ending that bad? Does it need remaking, or should these fans get over it and realize that everything won’t always end the way you want it?

Bioware is a business if we can make them understand that by using the current endings they alienate (no pun) their customers, and destroy the replay ability of the trilogy they are hurting their profits we CAN bring about a change for the better.
The #RetakeMassEffect movement does not in anyway condone attacks or insults on Bioware, EA, Bioware employees, or anyone associated with them. We are not here to make enemies. We are here to show a company that their devoted fanbase has been hurt, and alienated with some of their actions, and to ask for an explanation, and hopefully a solution.

The video below was created by one such Mass Effect fan who feels seriously disenfranchised:

As a fan of the Mass Effect trilogy, I have decided to join the “Retake Mass Effect” movement as I don’t really see the ending of this saga as a fitting conclusion. To get people to join and help us get to Bioware, I made this video.

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  1. Matthew March 23, 2012 at 5:37 pm - Reply

    I have to say that I felt alittle disappointed about the lose endedness of the game however I relise that it maybe a spring bord for a forth mass effect. The changes to the end I would like to see would be a clear explanation of why the relays where distroyed, between the three choices your offered, I think the third choice where you can join with the reapers and be a perfect blend of technology and organic components would be idea compared to the possibility of the reapers getting out of sheperds control or future generations starting the cycles over again.

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