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Aperture: Lab Ratt - Portal Fan Flick

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Aperture: Lab Ratt is a live action interpretation of VALVe’s web comic “Portal 2: Lab Rat” and follows the story of the schizophrenic hero behind the walls; Doug Rattmann.

Rattmann for those of you who don’t remember is the guy who did all the paintings you find tucked behind the walls in the game.

Grab a snack and settle in for this fan flick as it’s 14 minutes long.

Super Street Fighter 2 With A Portal Gun

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Chun-Li and her Street Fighter friends are testing out the new Portal Gun

25 Glorious Minutes of New Cave Johnson Lines From The Portal 2 – Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC

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More Cave Johnson than you can shake a companion cube at. Watch the trailer for the Portal 2Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC here.

Cave’s back, this time speaking to you from different dimensions and universes as you’re floating through space in a testing satellite. As always, rest assured he’s got everything under control.

These get played randomly as you enter custom test chambers. The voice actor is J. K. Simmons, who while he’s been in tons of films and series is probably best known as JJ Jameson from Spiderman to most of you.

Real Tracking And Shooting Portal Turret

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This Portal turret even speaks and has lasers! I’m sure this Penn State University Advanced Mechatronics student is secretly working for Aperture.

This is the final project for my Advanced Mechatronics class at Penn State University. The robot is the skeleton of a turret from the game Portal that uses an IP webcam to track a target and fire nerf bullets at them. This is the current state of the robot as of 5/9/12, but I am currently molding a shell for the frame to make it look like the Portal turret, along with improving my code to make the tracking faster. All programming is done with MATLAB and Arduino.


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