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Chewbacca Plays The Drums (Cadbury’s Gorilla Advert Parody)

Little did anyone know that Chewbacca was such a huge Phil Collins fan! Now back away and let the wookie drum.

I’m Geeky and I know it (LMFAO Parody)

Bleach, bleach for my eyes… please.. bring the bleach!

Skyrim In Real Life

There’s no denying that Skyrim is awesome, but the simple fact is that much of the games social interactions simple don’t translate to the real world. Skyrim is still thriving in the year 2012 and Belethor’s distant cousin Gregethor is running the shop with Digurd, Sigurd’s distant relative. Buckets still get put on heads and [...]

Arrow to the Knee (NSFW)

Overused phrase is never, ever overused at all! (NSFW language).


In a world with OCP and evil mega-corporations to turn dead cops into deadly cyborgs, supercop Adrian Paul gets gunned down and is turned into the ultimate crime-fighting desktop.

Ask Hogwarts - Dating Advice From Every House

They don’t use Facebook at Hogwarts so instead, the young and lustful students turn to “Ask Hogwarts” for advice on their love lives.

Battlestar Galactica RPG

Warning - may contain gloriously satirical 16-bit spoilers.

Somethin’ Stupid

Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams cover of “Somethin’ Stupid” sounds so much better now…

Darth Vader - Strong (Rick Perry Parody)

Darth Vader – Strong (Rick Perry Parody)

Vader for Emperor is 2012! He’s got my vote!

Batman Chooses His Voice

Have you ever wondered how Batman got his voice that sounds like he gargles rust bolts and barbed wire? Well, you’re about to find out…