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The Many Armours of Iron Man (Infographic)

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Since his first appearance in March of 1963, Iron Man’s armour has undergone many changes and upgrades. This infographic details them all, their capabilities and gadgets.

This will help bring you up to speed before the release of Iron Man 3 on May 3rd.

Many Armors of Iron Man

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How Much Does It Cost To Be Iron Man?

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We all know that Tony Stark has got some pretty sweet toys and an amazing playboy lifestyle, but just how much money does he have to fork out to play superhero?

Superhero Economics: Batman vs Spider-Man - A Financial Comparison

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Does being filthy rich make it easy from Bruce Wayne to be a superhero or does Spider-Man have the edge because he actually has powers?

Let’s take a look at the lifestyles of Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker, and compare their cost of the out-of-costume identities and try to figure out how that translates to their Superhero lifestyles.

5 Public Health Nightmares Facing Humanity (Infographic)

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5 ways that we may all kick the proverbial bucket while waiting for the zombie apocalypse.


The Future According To Films - Infographic

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Warning this infographic of the future may contain spoilers, not just for the movies mentioned but for the very future itself.


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