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We Are The Explorers - New NASA Ad Narrated By Optimus Prime

Peter Cullen, who many of you will recognize as the voice of Optimus Prime (or maybe as Eeyore) narrates the latest ad from NASA - “We are the Explorers”.

Amazing 8 Meter Tall Optimus Prime Ice Sculpture

Antti Pedrozo from Zürich, Switzerland created this awesome 8 meter (about 26 feet) tall ice sculpture of the Autobot leader Optimus Prime.

Steampunk Optimus Prime Is Amazing

Steampunk Optimus stands 270cm tall, weighs about 500Kg, is made from recycled metal, useless autoand machine parts, and will only cost you a mere $10,500 on Etsy. What a bargain!

Life-Size Optimus Prime

A sculptor from Thailand assembled the amazing life size Optimus Prime using scrapped auto parts.