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Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life

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All I can say, is that my fat, unfit ass is in serious awe of Ronnie Shalvis‘s parkour skills, and you should be too.

Dalek Cosplays the Fourth Doctor

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Even Daleks want to be the good guy once in awhile.

My Little Stormtrooper Cosplay

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I don’t want to know what kind of illicit liaison occurred in the darkest recesses of geekdom to spawn this My Little Pony/Stormtrooper cosplay.

LEGO Boba Fett Cosplay

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LEGO Boba Fett has to be the cutest cosplay you’ll see this.

These photos were sent by his dad, Brad Methvin to Gizmodo:

The scale came out perfect because minifigs are 40mm. My son is 40 inches. I originally made this for Halloween, but DragonCon was do-able so, I rushed to finish so my 3-yr old would be ready for the parade. I was actually finishing it on the MARTA (Atlanta Rapid Transit). When we arrived but he saw Darth Vader, all bets were off. He was not going near the parade or any Star Wars characters. I had to carry all the costume parts all over downtown Atlanta until we made it back home, where he asked me if he could put on his costume. (ahh being a parent)

His 8-year old brother, (who I SHOULD have begun with) will be getting a Jango costume on a larger scale for Halloween. I’ll send it when I get it done.

Steampunk Star Wars Cosplay

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Star Wars meets steampunk in this awesome group cosplay shot. Vader and Boba Fett look absolutely awesome, not so sure about Chewbacca though.

Photo by Dim Horizon


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