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Weapon Of Cat Destruction - Nyan Cat Meets Unreal Tournament 3

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Sheer awesome. I’ve always wanted to frag someone with a Nyan Cat redeemer!.

Super Smash Land

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Link, Mario, Kirby and Pikacu face off in Super Smash Land and is out now. You can download it for free - what are you waiting for. Go waste some hours.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Smuggler Character Progression

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Are you looking forward to the release of SWTOR? Here’s a look at how you character could evolve in game if you take the Han Solo route.

Time-Lapse: Creating Luigi Inside A Game Of Tetris

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It “only” took this guy 64 minutes to make a Luigi character in a game of Tetris. I’m not sure I could last that long in a game, never mind create something in the process.

Atari Arcade iPad Dock

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If you feel the need to waggle your joystick and turn your iPad into a retro games machine then this may be the $50 gadget for you.

We don’t know when this is launching as Discovery Bay Games hasn’t provided any details concerning the device’s launch or price at this point, but they say it will be in retail stores, such as Toy R’Us, Walmart and Target.

Shall we stick one on your Christmas wish list?


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