1. Troy says

    It’s called “stage combat” and the safety bubbles aren’t noticed by the typical person. Speaking as someone who practices stage combat for live action productions, with an 8 pound broad sword, I can testify first hand that you do not want to get hit. I have had broken fingers, numerous cuts and at least 2 stabbings because my ‘opponent’ forgot the safety bubble rule. Bear in mind that were it ‘real combat’ I would expect no safety bubble. But even Jedi ‘actors’ like to go home without injuries for what is, after all, just a movie.

    • JP says

      I guess you’re one of the lucky ones -- you only had to use an 8 pound broadsword! On stage accidents involving LIGHT SABRES normally result in severed hands or at very least, 1st degree burns to the very tippy tip of the nose. :-)

  2. tekron says

    @ troy on what would they be harmed. even if those light saber would hit you. they are edited after the fight. they could hit each other with sticks made out of cheese for all they care. the movie was crappy with fight scene’s but tbh your shouldnt watch sw for the ninja hack and slash.

  3. Germ says

    While I don’t doubt the safety bubble thing is correct (not that that makes the video any less funny), I have to ask:

    Why did you have an eight pound broadsword, Troy? You might want to talk to your prop guy, since an actual sword would weigh maybe three pounds. I really doubt your prop needs to be more than twice the weight of the real thing.

  4. Bubbakin says

    I hated all of the lightsaber fights in the prequels. Even though the Obi-Wan/Vader duel looks a little corny and stilted, it was still better than the overacted fighting in the prequels. Sure they all looked staged, it’s a movie we all understand that underneath. But they looked and felt like fight scenes… not like some really bad jazz dancing.

  5. Jproxduh says

    Ewan actually learned how to fight this scene. He’s actually training for this exact scene in this video…

  6. says

    You also have to remember that you are dealing with Jedi/Sith which can use the force to know what the enemies next move will be. This creates a different style of fighting than just two normal people. Some of the battle described in the books or in fan fiction have it where they barely meet sabers because of this ability.

  7. obscurissimus says

    @troy I have also stage fought, many times. In live theater, and though the bubble is important. they abuse it in the film…. to much flash, not enough raw swordsmanship… As a live combat actor I’m sure you can appreciate the difference between good looking stage combat and crappy stage combat.

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