The Video Game Entertainment Curve

The next time you consider purchasing a game use this handy chart to evaluate how it will effect your potential time for a social life.

Video Game Entertainment Curve

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  1. The Peon says

    The curve on your graph is going the wrong way to show the type of relationship you intended.  The curve needs to climb very sharply at the beginning and then level off.  As it stands the graph shows casual games take up half as much time as RPGs and each type of game after casual takes up a smaller and smaller additional amount of time with RPGs taking up only fractionally more time than action and adventure games.  The graph would work as intended if the time scale was in fact logarithmic but that isn’t stated anywhere and most people will automatically assume a linear scale.  This is just shoddy work really, I expect better from a site called Geek is Awesome.

    • says

      First – not everybody is a graph geek and I’m sure you’re missing the point that the graph is supposed to be indicative as opposed to accurate, as an accurate graph likely would not fit on a page and still be visually appealing.

      Second, we didn’t produce the graph. The graphs creator can be found by following the source link.

  2. says

    It does take quite some time to get engaged in an RPG. Sometimes I have to force myself into playing forward, knowing that the experience will get richer and richer as I continue, Casual games can be mastered in the loo.

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