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Lego Batman Is A Dick

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You  gotta love Batman…

Los Angeles Street Crossing Vs. Oregon Trail

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Sadly this sign could work in way more cities than just Los Angeles.

New Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader - Epic Rap Battles Of History

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Vader and Hitler face off in an all new ‘Epic Rap Battles Of History”. I love all the “cameo” appearances in this one.

You might not want to have the little ones around when listening to this as there is a bit of strong language.

Attention All Cell Phone Owning Citizens!

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You know it’s true and you know that you are just as guilty as the rest of us.

Street Fighter x Tekken Gets A Celebrity Makeover

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You think you’ve seen it all…wait till you see this one - Street Fighter x Tekken gets NMA’ed, with Bono, Barrack Obama, Lady Gaga and even Angelina Jolie’s leg lining up to fight the forces of evil.



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