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Glitter Shoes That Will Make Your Girlfriend’s Valentines Day(And You’ll Love Them Too!)

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There is something about shoes, glitter, or both that makes me lose my mind, but put them together with some really cool geek designs and you’ve got shoes any geek girl will love. Get them at Aishavoya’s Etsy shop.




All Your Favorite Franchises in One Picture

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Aliens, Predator, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who…Is anything missing?

Card for Your Geeky Better Half

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This is completely adorable, and I don’t know a girl who wouldn’t LOVE getting this card for Valentine’s Day!

Pop Culture vs Geek Culture

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My own daughter is far more interested in Red Dwarf and Doctor Who than Twilight and Miley Cyrus, I think I must be doing something right.

Doctor Who Theme Performed On Eight Floppy Drives

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The familiar and awesome Doctor Who theme gets the floppy drive rendition by MrSolidSnake745.

Also check out this version by YouTuber Sammy1Am, which may actually be better.

If you like these also check out the Portal theme  and the Imperial March played on floppy drives.


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