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A Tale of Benjen Stark - Game Of Thrones Fan Film

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Check out this epic fan flick which tells part one of a tale of Benjen Stark, brother to Ned Stark and Ranger of the Nights Watch. I’ll post part two as soon as it’s released :D

Via Geeks Are Sexy.

Captain Planet - Trailer (Fan Flick)

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This movies needs to exist.

C’mon everybody, sing along…

Captain Planet, He’s our hero
Gonna take pollution down to zero
He’s our powers magnified
And he’s fighting on the planet’s side

Batman: Puppet Master (Must Watch - Fan Film)

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Take 15 minutes out of your day to watch this. Batman fans will not regret it.

Someone’s been letting inmates out of Arkham Asylum…

In the months following the death of Harvey Dent, Batman, still a wanted fugitive, is pushed to his limits as a new crime wave hits Gotham. Batman’s search to find who’s responsible leads him to a showdown with the masochistic serial killer Victor Zsasz.

Meanwhile Gotham’s newest crime boss, a mysterious figure known as Scarface, has an meeting with Edward Nigma, an FBI agent, sworn to bring down Batman at all costs.

Batman: Nightwing (Fan Film)

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Despite a ridiculously small budget of only a few hundred bucks this Nightwing fan flick is awesome.

Nightwing is by far one of my favorite superheroes in either Marvel or DC I have always loved the character even when he was still just Batmans sidekick! so In honor of The Dark Knight Rises coming out, me and Jeremy ” Jimmy” Le decided to make a short film based on one of my personal favorite DC/ Batman characters; Batmans old sidekick, “Nightwing”!

Spider-Man: Eclipse (Fan Film)

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Check out this awesome Spider-Man fan film by Al White, which is  full of cool little easter eggs to have fun scouring out.

Spider-Man has been captured and the road out won’t be easy in this fan film!

Thanks Tim!


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