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The Problem With Womens Armor

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I have to agree, I’ll take speed and agility over heavy and slow every time.

Meet BatIronMan

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This may well be the result of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne having a few beers together and deciding to trade tech secrets.

First Look At The “Iron Man 3″ Armor Form Comic-Con

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The folks over at Cinema Blend snapped some awesome shots of the new Iron Man 3 armor that Tony Stark will be wearing in the next Iron Man movie.

It’s awesome to see the new suit in context of the older versions which flank it.

Iron Maiden - Female “Iron Man” Armour Concept

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I wonder if in the next Iron Man movie we’ll get to see Pepper Potts clad in anything like amazing armor concept by Rafael S. Benedicto.

Medieval Batman Armor Is Wicked

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Deviant Art user Azmal created this amazing, all leather suit of armor which gives us a taste of what Bruce Wayne would have been wearing if he has kicking as back in medieval days.

Head to toe full custom all leather suit of armor. The concept set in a medieval inspired fantasy universe.
It all started as your every day veg-tanned leather and was heavily wet-molded throughout. Faceplate is removable btw.


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