Lego Firefly Ship

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I want to meet the person that created this, and kiss their feet, and then beg them to make me one for my birthday, because no way would I ever have the talent to create such awesomeness. Lego + Firefly = Amazing.

Brent Spiner Being A Troll

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Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek TNG) does not like having to say anything while being filmed at conventions which makes it the perfect set-up for trolling these vloggers.

Gene Roddenberry And George Lucas Shaking Hands

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A great moment in geek history - Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas shaking hands.

Buying A Tardis

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Even the Doctor has to upgrade sometimes!


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Stromtroopers may work for the Empire but they can be helpful when you’re travelling the deserts of Tatooine.


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