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Super Mario Brothers 3 Medley

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Japanese musical trio Meine Meinung arranged and performed a 10-part super-medley of songs from the Super Mario Bros. 3 soundtrack.

Candy Nuke: Scientific Tuesdays

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Mario, Luigi and other candies get nuked for science.

In this demonstration we will melt down Sodium Chlorate and then drop in a payload of candy goodness. The flame color and power of the reaction can differ based on certain salts or even metal shavings. Check it out!

Money Power Woman - Super Mario Brothers T-Shirt

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This rather spiffing Super Mario Brothers inspired t-shirt sums up everything you’ve ever learned from the game.

Mario T-Shirt

Mario Doesn’t Like Getting Played

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We’ve all suspected for years that Toad House was rigged but now we finally have some proof, and Mario isn’t happy about it.


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