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Everything Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness In 7 Minutes Or Less

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Alright, alright. We get it. You want to see the sins of Star Trek Into Darkness. So here… enjoy. We are now all trekked out for the time being.

Yes, we are aware that the video is actually 8 minutes and 21 seconds long.

Via CinemaSins

R2-D2 Found in Star Trek: Into Darkness

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Reader Rafael Oca passed along this screen shot, from somewhere around the one hour, 17-minute mark. After the Vengeance fires on the Enterprise while the ships are in warp, poor R2 gets sucked out of the ship with other members of the crew.

R2-D2 just keeps cropping up in everything.

Via io9

The Crew Of The Original Enterprise Watch Miley Cyrus At The VMA’s

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I know we’re all sick of Miley already, but I think her effect on Kirk and crew is worthy a  minute of your time ;) I’m willing to bet that Captain Kirk has seen a few green-skinned slave girls do worse during his voyages.

The Best Captain

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The Best Captain

Nothing Serious Podcast - Laser Beams And Skittles

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Steven and Paul wax lyrical about terrorist boobs, moths and their ultrasound emitting genitals, Star Trek beasiality, divorce or murder, cameras that capture smell, Florida bans the internet, the most evil marketing campaign ever, and much more.

Links to all stories mentioned in this episode of can be found on the Nothing Serious Podcast site.

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