Watch With eBay - Awesome New Feature For eBay iPad App.

Paul O'Flaherty

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Watch with eBay is an awesome new feature to the eBay app for iPad that allows you to easily find items related to what you are currently watching on television, and may just be the ultimate app for couch potato shopaholics.

How it works is really simple. Whenever you’re watching a movie, show or your favorite sports team on TV, simply pull up the eBay app on you iPad, enter the channel number that you’re currently watching and the app will show you merchandise that’s available on eBay related to what you’re watching right now.

Buying sports memorabilia or jerseys of your favorite team during the game, DVD box sets while catching up on re-runs of Star Trek, actor-autographed posters, or show-related T-shirts been so intuitive and I’m afraid this app might lead to me buying more than a few Doctor Who related items when season 7 launches. I’d also wager that this could become a killer app amongst folks who love to keep up with red carpet fashion and need to have those sunglasses shipped right to their door.

The “Watch with eBay” app is available for free download from the iTunes app store right now.

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