Browser Wars

Epic fan-art depicting Firefox facing down the mechanical Google Chrome in this browser wars art.

Chrome Vs Firefox

If anyone has a link to the artist please drop it in the comments. :)

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A More Beautiful Web With Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9

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One of the things we try do here at Geek Is Awesome, is to test our design against as many browsers as possible which means that on my development laptop I’ve got everything from Internet Explorer 9 to Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Every browser has it’s quirks and as I become a better developer I’m learning how to deal with those quirks from a code perspective, but I’m also learning how the browser itself affects more than just how I see websites but how I interact with them and my computer.

Until recently Chrome has been my browser of choice. Prior to my switching to Chrome, I was adamant on using Firefox for everything and I was first converted to that browser when it was know as Firebird (the 0.8 beta) back in 2004.

Lately I’m finding myself falling back into bed with Internet Explorer 9. I just heard many of you scoff, but I’m going to guess that many of you using IE haven’t tried using it as a daily browser since IE9 came out, and I’ll bet most of you have nothing but disdain for the browser which stems from the days of IE6 dominance and the hell it made our lives as developers.

IE9 is a different beast to IE6, or even the IE7 or 8. It’s fast. The hardware acceleration is a no-brainer because even though all browsers have access to the hardware on a windows box, nobody knows how to talk to Windows and get the most out of Windows like Microsoft does.

Crashing is one of those problems that I just can’t put up with. IE9 simply doesn’t crash for me in my setup. Chrome, which used to be blisteringly fast and amazingly stable has become very buggy on my machine, even though I’ve been stripping out extensions and it has started taking quite a while to load when I first open the browser. Firefox is more stable than Chrome but even it has become bloated and not as nible as it once was over it’s illustrious lifespan.

They way we’re using the web is changing and IE9 feels like it’s most on top of that from a Windows/Desktop perspective. From pinning sites to the taskbar so that they open like desktop apps which gives you one click access to your favorite sites like Facebook and Geek Is Awesome, to the fact that no other broswer (that I know of) gives me as much screen real estate without having to go into fullscreen mode.

Try it out. If you’ve got IE9 installed on your machine open it up. Open Firefox, Chrome and Opera as well if you have them, or any other browser you care to mention and look at them side by side. None of them are as minimalist as IE9 is, which stems not just from the Metro influence from Windows Phone and the upcoming Windows 8, but from the positioning of the address bar and the tabs so that you can see as much of that site as posisble.

If you don’t have it installed, why not give Internet Explorer 9 a try. Take it as a challenge. Internet Explorer has come a very long way since the days of IE6 and the only thing it has in common with that browser we we love to hate, is it’s name.

Take IE9 for a spin by downloading it from – I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Paths Of Destiny – For the Classic Gamers

The Team at Medieval Interactions have need your help to develop their free browser based, online RPG, Paths of Destiny.

They’re currently raising funds via Kick Starter to turn their dream into a reality, and this is your chance to get involved at the ground level with a game you’d love to play.

Check out the information below, the video and the conceptual art which Dave sent us and then drop along to Kick Starter and donate a few bucks to help make this game a reality.

PoD takes place on the planet of Kordrake. A world that was once inhabited by demi-gods. They have since left the world to the control of lesser beings. Is it your destiny to become the next great ruler of Kordrake? Or will you only be a peasant in a world of heroes? It is your decision, so choose your path today!

Paths of Destiny is a game in which it is your duty as the player to tell the next chapter in Kordrake’s history. Every day you will make decisions that will change the way the game is played in the years to come. Your interaction with other players as well as NPC’s will sculpt the story lines of all. At every turn you will be able to learn more about this lore rich world.

Do you want to be a sneaky thief who makes a career of breaking the law and stealing for cash? DO IT! Do you want to be a lawful paladin who fights for a cause and defends the weak? DO IT! Or would you rather spend your time mining for treasure and selling to the highest bidder? DOOOOO IT! You choose your own fate, and your decisions tip the scales in world events.

Paladin LordSkinwalker WeaponsmithCentaur Leather WorkerElf Priest

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The Browser You Loved To Hate

Microsoft has a laugh at it’s own expense in this campaign to get people to think again about using Internet Explorer.

Have you ever told your parents they had to stop using Internet Explorer? Well, with a better browser and a cute cat, maybe it is time to reconsider.

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