Developer Beats Google To The Punch – Builds Own Augmented Reality Glasses

Think that Google’s Project Glass (augmented reality glasses) are just a fanciful project that will never see reality? Well think again because  developer Will Powell knocked up his own version, which aren’t quite as stylish as Google’s but certainly have much of the fucntionality.

I really like the project glass by Google. To that extent I have created a version using a pair of Vuzix Glasses, Microsoft HD Webcams, mic headset and dragon naturally speaking. Using these combined pieces of hardware I was able to get the head mounted display and voice recognition. I built the application using Adobe Air. The application sports full voice recognition and has the same interface that Google project glass has. The Vuzix glasses are driven by stereoscopic feeds, which are fed by the HD cameras.

Google’s Project Glass Finally Justifies Wearing Glasses For Those Of Us With Perfect Vision

The New York Times first broke the story that Google was working on augmented reality glasses powered by Android in February and now it looks like that project is becoming a reality. Project Glass is Googles visions of the future giving you the an augmentent via of the world that may just replace your cellphone with a pair of glasses.

Picture a system where by you can literally talk to your glasses, make phone calls, have video chats, see Google maps info, send updates, text messages and so much more, all hands free with a simple, unobtrusive  interface overlaid in front of and controlled directly by your eyes. Google, who already know far too much about me anyway but I don’t care because I welcome our Google overlords, is making this a reality, or well, an augmented reality :)