Hughes The Force – Star Wars Meets John Huges (Fan-flick)

Hughes the Force” is a short film that appeared on  Kevin Smith’s YouTube channel that mashes the unlikely influences of John Hughes and Star Wars together with style.  It’s “Weird Science” meets Star Wars, meets geek coming of age movie, with Slave Leia taking the role of Lisa (Kelly LeBrock).

Simon and Henry, two teens tortured by jocks and rejected by girls, are invited to the epic end of the year high school party, but there’s a catch. In order to get in, they need to bring just one hot girl. Unable to attract any female attention, they decide to take matters into their own hands and create the perfect woman from Simon’s prized Slave Leia action figure.

Armed with a fully operational lightsaber and blaster, the two set out with their self-appointed mentor to do what they have never done before: fit in. On their journey, they encounter stormtroopers, aliens, and even a Dark Lord of the Sith in the most unlikely of places. But even with the Force as their ally, some things are not meant to be…

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