Firefly And Prometheus Are In The Same Universe!

Does that logo on the interface for the anti-aircraft gun used by Malcolm Reynolds in the first episode of Firefly (Serenity) look familiar to you? It should because it’s the logo for the Weyland-Yutani corporation in Prometheus.

Remember, Jos Whedon wrote Alien: Resurrection (1997) so it’s not surprising, yet still bloody awesome that he dropped this little easter egg into his own universe.

Great catch by the folks at Blastr!

FireflyWeyland Yutani Corp


  1. Kublakan says

    Well Avatar could be in the Alien universe too, Cameron directed Aliens, and in all Alien films weyland-yutani are refered to as “the company” in some cases and the company in Avatar is also “the company”

  2. Colgatetoothpaste5 says

    What this would imply is that Firefly takes place in the Alien universe, since Weyland Industries is the company Ripley worked for in the first film. It’s more likely that Joss just threw that in as a little Easter egg, I don’t think they are in fact the same universe.

  3. Lola_bunny25 says

    The logo is in avatar too yeah. its all nods to the fact that they had stuff to do with the films and want to expand the weyland yutani universe.
    it adds to the feel we are meant to get that ‘the company’ are bigger than any other ever. i love it when it pops up in places u don’t expect Xx

  4. captain obvious says

    Come on guys, Firefly is ten years old do you really think nobody has ever noticed this before? if this is news to you, you should be ashamed to call yourselves fans

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