Dawn Of The Dead 101 – Michigan State University To Offer A Course on Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Michigan State University students will soon get the opportunity to take a seven-week summer course called “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Catastrophes & Human Behavior,” which focuses on how humans behave in plagues and catastrophic events.

The question at the center of this course is, “How do humans behave in catastrophic times?” Does their behavior change in the midst of trying to survive and the decisions they face? We will examine major catastrophic events from the past, look to potential future events, and consider a concept for increasing our chances of survival.

I’ve always thought that surviving the zombie apocalypse would be about planning, ingenuity and how much ammo you could stockpile in advacne, but Glenn Stutzky, who teaches the class, gets the point of the course across succinctly enough: “In a time of catastrophe, some people find their humanity; other lose theirs.”

Oh, and in case I didn’t mention it, you don’t have to be a Michigan State University student in order to take this course.

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